19 wk apt

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19 wk apt

Have to say everything was pretty uneventful, Everything seems to be going great with the pregnancy:) Babys Hb was in the high 150s but i think baby was resting ... We shall see what we are having on tuesday and I cannot wait.. I even asked her in the office if she could take a quick peek but she wouldn't ..:)

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I wouldn't love two appts so close together. Kinda wonder why they brought you in if you have an appt on Tuesday. Glad things are good so far!

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Haha, that is funny that you asked her to take a quick peek. I probably would too! Smile So glad to hear that you had an uneventful appointment. Uneventful is good. Do you have any gut feelings about what you are having?

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Gut feeling since i already have 3 boys is boy but i have felt sooooooooooooooo different this time still having dizzy spells at times like the beginning so i just dont know, i couldn't drink caffeine (any) with my boys and i can with this one, the boys were so active i felt them all the time and this baby moves but is calm most of the day..I would love a little girl and the boys want a sister and my hubby too wants a little girl but we shall see tuesday. Wish i could just say kick 3 times if your a girl, and kick 2 times if your a boy lol..

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Glad all is well!! LOL! If only it were that easy!! Hoping it's a little girl in there!!!

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Wouldn't it be nice if they could communicate with kicks, lol! Glad you had a good appointment! Tuesday will be here really soon so looking forward to hearing your results!

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Happy to hear your appointment went well! Tuesday is right around the corner!! How exciting!