1st Drs Appt Yesterday

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1st Drs Appt Yesterday

Had my first drs appt yesterday. It was good I guess, nothing too exciting. I had gestational diabetes with my pregnancy with T, so they are going with the assumption that I will have it again, which means I have to start following the GD diet now. Which is fine, it's healthy and a good way to eat. Other than that, not much happened. They took a bunch of blood so I am waiting to hear about my b/w, but I probably won't hear back for a couple of days. In the meantime, they prescribed me some special prenatals since my body has trouble processing folic acid (these are supposed to help with that) and we have an u/s scheduled for Monday the 6th. I'll only be like 6 weeks then, so I doubt we'll see a h/b, but it will be good to at least know that things are progressing as they should. That's the one I'm really nervous about.

Other than that, not much going on. I had a couple of spots of pink blood yesterday after my pelvic which I HATE seeing (freaks me out) but I know can pretty fairly be attributed to the exam (the NP even warned me that was probably going to happen. I still hate it though.

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Congrats on the 1st appointment! It is exciting to have an u/s so early. I had one with my twins at 6 weeks....and all we saw were 2 little sacs, but it was cool!
Post appointment spotting is always disconcerting, but I am sure it is fine!
Yay for you!

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Yay again for a good appointment even if it was uneventful! I can't wait to hear about the u/s! Good luck!

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Congrats on a great first appt! I always feel like a majority of the appts are useless but it's great to know that everything is okay!!

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Congrats on the 1st appointment!

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