25 week appt today!

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25 week appt today!

Went really well I think. I'm up another 3lbs, but the dr doesn't seem to think there is a problem so i'll go with that for now. Blood pressure was a good 130/76 and baby girl's heartbeat was 149. He did the belly measurement and though he didn't give a number he said we are measuring good. They gave me the instructions and yucky stuff to drink for the glucose test which he wants done at 28 weeks, so we will be doing that in 3 weeks...January 23rd. Then...after that, we are on two week appts....GASP! How did that happen so soon? DH and I kind of looked at each other when the dr said that, and when we left we were like...holy crap!
Anyways, thats my update. Off to start making a list of everything we think we are going to need/want and how much of everything, because this just seemed to get real today. ROFL

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Haha about it getting real!

Yay for a good appointment! I know, I can't believe that we are almost on two week appointments. My OB mentioned that last time too, and I was like "so soon?" LOL

Sounds like everything is moving along just as it should for you. Smile That is awesome!

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Glad for a good appt!! Every 2 weeks??? My OB hasn't said that yet.. EEEK

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Sounds like a great appointment. I start my two week appts this month. ACK!

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Happy it was a good appointment! Can't believe some of you ladies are approaching the 3rd trimester so soon!

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Good appt! and yes ... my doc mentioned that the two week appts will be starting after my next one and it totally made it real for me too!