28 week appt and glucose test!

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28 week appt and glucose test!

The dreaded glucose test is done! Ugh! I had the almost Sprite tasting drink and it wasn't so bad until a little more than half way through and then it just made me gag drinking the rest. It was too sweet and i'm not a huge sweets person minus ice cream. Didn't make me sick to my stomach or anything like that. But it's done and hopefully I pass so I don't have to do this again. Nurse said they will know within a few days and will call, so we will see.

Also had my 28 week appt today where they drew blood for the glucose test. Did the weight and blood pressure. Blood pressure was good, and they haven't commented on weight so i'm assuming i'm still ok there too.

Then things get interesting...yup you read that correctly.
DR walks in, hi how are you any questions or concerns, nope ok then. Looks at my file and goes everything is looking good, love when things are easy...and wait for it...
lays me back on the table to do the heartbeat check...picks up babies, then hears mine, moves dopplar just a little and goes...hmmm...moves dopplar back...I think i'm going to send you next door for an ultrasound. Lift my head look worriedly at DH who shurgs, DR puts dopplar back hears same stuff(feels baby move) and asks...what did they say at the ultrasound..no triplets right...EXCUSE ME? He thinks he is hearing my heartbeat along with two babies..TWO! No way, nu huh, take those words back. He then continues to play and goes...baby is just fine...baby was laying over something so he was picking up both heartbeats at the same time and thinks my heartbeat sped up when we thought something was off...YA THINK? He then goes...no your good and baby is good it was just weird how that happened. Everything is fine. And heart attack range is coming down and I can breath normal. Not nice to scare a pregnant lady dr man, not nice at all!

Says have a nice day, see you in two weeks. Breathing picks back up, thinking..two weeks holy crap we are at the two week appts now...how...did...that...happen?

And that is my update...phew!

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Whoa!!! I would have freaked if the word "babies" or "triplets" was said at my 28 week appointment. Hahaha. Glad there is still just one in there! Otherwise you'd have to get busy with shopping....like for a new car and maybe a new house. LOL.

Hope you pass the glucose too!

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Omg that would've had me a mess lol. Glad it worked out well

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Oh my gosh, I think I would have peed my pants! LOL Glad everything went well otherwise, and hope you passed the glucose test!

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Wow, freak out!!! What an appointment!
SO can't believe we're down to 2 week appointments either!!

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Docs should not be allowed to scare pregnant women that way. I would have freaked!

Good luck with the glucose test, Alissa and I are the only ones allowed to be diabetic.

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Haha! Atleast your doc has a sense of humor, although I would have been like OMG WHAT?? lol

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OMG, I bet he does that on purpose just to freak out his patients!

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Well on purpose or not, it's still not nice. Hahaha
However, I have calmed down now and am breathing normal. But then, DH says last night, what happens if there is a second one hiding...honey I love you but....SHUSH! LOL
So we have decided that since at our next appt we will be seeing this same doctor(there are three others at the practice and while we like this doctor he isn't our first pick), and if he has any issues of any kind, we will be asking for an ultrasound just to double check everything to make sure.

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Ok so I blame your post for my dream/mini nightmare last night. I dreamt that I was in labor and pushed the baby out and they said "its a girl." I was like, wait its supposed to be a boy. And before I could say a thing, they said we need you to push the 2nd baby out and so I did and it was another girl. I remember being mad because I didnt have anything for a girl and I didnt have 2 carseats or 2 of anything. Haha.

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Wow, I would have been totally freaked out! Glad your appointment went well though!