3 months old!

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3 months old!

Happy Solstice everyone! Tim was born on the vernal equinox, so today is the solstice and he is officially 3 months old. I can't believe it! He has gotten sooo big. He weighed 10lb 6oz at his 2 month check up--no idea what he is now.

I have been in Maine visiting my family for the last 3 weeks. I am heading back to Alaska on Tuesday. I am not looking forward to that flight! on the way here my husband came along, but he headed home after a week and I am flying solo with Sam (6yo) and baby Tim. Wish me luck! Thankfully Sam LOOOVES to fly and is very helpful with his little brother.

Tim has been a better baby, still fussy, but much easier to handle now that he is older. He nurses fairly efficiently so even though he wakes often at night, its usually a quick 10-15 minute feed then back to sleep. He melts down often, but I can calm him fairly quickly now. Thank goodness!

Here are some cute pics from this week:
"My brother is a nut..."

"What is this? fingers???"

The grandma network (my mom's friends who all have littles visit often) loaned us this pink bouncer--Tim is showing his sensitive side.

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He laughed today! A true belly laugh, sooo cute!

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Cute pics!

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Awe! He's so handsome! His face while checking out his fingers is so cute!

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Aww what a cutie! Can't believe he is 3 months already. Good luck with the flight. Glad his big brother is helping out. Love the pic with both of them.

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What a cutie pie! It's hard to believe that our babies are already reaching 3 months!

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How cute! Yay for laughs, we have almost gotten some here!
And we have a pink bath seat so every time J gets a bath he's showing his sensitive side - no wonder he doesn't like baths!

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He's so cute! Love the pics!

And 3 months already? How did we get to this point? Weren't we all just pregnant for what seemed like forever??? Smile