32 week appt turned into hospital visit...

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32 week appt turned into hospital visit...

Ugh! I'm exhausted! Ok so here is the story...sorry if it gets too long.
Woke up at 6 this morning with the alarm and from 6-6:45 baby girl was moving all over the place. It was nuts. Fell back to sleep until 8. From 8 until about 9:45, no movement at all. Got into the shower since I had my 32 week appt at 11:30 and usually she wakes up with the warm water...nothing. Sat on the couch, ate some strawberries and apple juice thinking the sugar would help then laid down on my left side...maybe 3 little movements. Left for the dr and got maybe a handful of movements on the 45 min drive. Got into the dr did the normal weight(nothing gained in the last two weeks) blood pressure which was good..told the nurse about the movements. Dr sent me into another room for an NST. Sat there for 20 min on that and he wasn't happy with whatever he was seeing, so told us to go next door to L&D and he wanted another NST and an ultrasound. Went to L&D, got hooked up for another NST-another 20 min and got more movement than in the dr's office so they said she passed. By this time, DH and I are sweating up a storm because the room was so hot thinking if she passed maybe they would just send us home...nope. Down to ultrasound we went. Had that done...tech showed us a bunch of stuff with the baby even though she wasn't supposed to because I guess I was considered stat..whatever that means. Got an in between leg shot and baby is still a girl. Yay! Saw her face from the side and got to see her mouth moving too which was pretty cool. Anyways, that took about half an hour...then we got sent back upstairs to L&D to wait for the official report. All they would tell us was we were supposed to score 8 of 8 and we got 8's on everything. So they were happy and with a see you in 8 weeks..away we went. So from 11:15 until 3:30 we were with the dr or hospital. So tiring. And from the time we left L&D to go to ultrasound until we left the hospital they took me everywhere in a wheelchair. I was like..no i'm good I can walk...but yeah that didn't work. Felt silly though let me tell you.
Thankful everything is good. She is head down too at this point. Baby girl must of just been having a lazy day. Because even the tech tried moving my belly all around during the ultrasound and she just wasn't moving. I think she was in there going...screw you all! Smile
So now I have to call the dr's office tomorrow because the dr wants us back in a week. Now i'm wondering if he's going to see us in a week then give us a two week appt which will put us at 35 weeks(when they normally start the weekly appts), or just start wanting weekly appts from here on out. But i guess we'll see next week.
Whew! Congrats and thanks to all who made it this far in my saga. haha!

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So glad everything is ok - sorry to hear she gave you a little run for your money, though. lol.. She just wanted a day off from being watched. Smile

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Glad to hear everything turned out ok, sounds like an exhausting day though!

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Oh wow! Glad everything turned out to be ok. That must have been scary at first. But its good you got to see her at least!

Hopefully she will stay active and not send you to the hospital again!

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Glad everything was okay Smile I hope things continue to be well Smile

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So glad everything is okay! Being sent to L&D is so scary, especially after an NST I'm sure! Hopefully she doesn't make you worry any more for the rest of this pregnancy. I'm sure you're wiped out after all of that excitement.

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Wow, what a long day! I would have freaked if I had an NST and the doctor told me he didn't like what he saw. I'm so glad everything's ok.