33 week appt update

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33 week appt update

I went for my 33 week appt which was actually the follow up appt from 32 weeks and the NST and biophysical he sent us for.
I have only gained 1lb in the last 3 weeks and I for one am happy with that. So as of right now I am up a total of 20lbs, which I guess isn't too terribly bad, but still scarey to think we have 6 more weeks if she comes on time. I would really love to stay under the 30lb mark, but I guess we will see.
My blood pressure was a little high at 146/84. Again, not too terribly bad, but high for what my numbers have been this pregnancy but they didn't say much about it, so I guess it's ok.
I'm assuming we are measuring where we need to be as he didn't say anything and I didn't ask. At 30 weeks, we measured right on. So who knows. But i'll take it.
Her heart rate was 148/149 and he was happy with that. And was extremely happy with the ultrasound results and said everything was perfect, so thats good. Because he is real happy with how things are going, he said he wants me back in two weeks, so the 14th, and he will do the lovely GBS swab that day. Then he said we will start the weekly appts and are on baby watch at that point.
So...all in all...a good appt I think. Can't believe how fast this is going and that we are 3 days into March already!

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Congrats on a great and somewhat boring appt! Biggrin Now what's a GBS swab? Is that where they determine if you have "strep throat of the vagina"? :oops: I hope that doesn't sound bad.. but I found out I had that with DD and I have to get shots in my IV during labor last time..

Sooo jealous of the low weight gain! lol..

Still on bi-weekly appts or on to weekly now? Biggrin

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Your description is pretty much right on. LOL They can do a rectal or vaginal swab...our office does vaginal(it was done rectal with my son)..not sure which is the lesser of two evils. Hahahaha!
This will be our last bi-weekly appt on the 14th and then we are on to every week appts. Eek!

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ROFL Ummm.. neither! LOL!! When you feel as big as a house, I don't think either location is ideal for anything. ROFL

I know you're getting excited for the weekly appts!! When they told me it was time for the bi-weekly time before last my eyes almost bugged out. I guess you just don't really believe the time is getting closer until events such as monthly to bi-weekly appts happen. I'm probably gonna go wacko when I get to weekly appts. It'll finally hit me! lol..

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Sounds like a great appointment! 20lbs is not bad at all! They say 25-35lbs is the norm! Oooh the GBS test is coming up! I am not looking forward to this one. I really really don't want to test positive because I really don't want an IV during labor.

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Glad you had a good appointment! I bet I will be getting my GBS soon too. Here's hoping we all test negative.

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Congrats on a wonderful appointment and glad everything is going well. Hope everything continues to go well too Smile

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Good appt! I've gained more than that so far so don't feel too bad. Sounds like you're right on track! My swab is next week ... thanks for reminding me. lol

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I'm at 20lbs now too and the biggest I've been w/ any pregnancy I think because I've started at a higher weight each time.
My midwife lets me do the GBS swab myself! It's super easy and not a big deal at all because of that. I've always tested negative but I know it can change w/ each pregnancy.

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Sounds like a great appointment to me! 20 lbs by this point is totally normal and not bad at all! Ugh, I have to do my GBS swab this next time too. I had it when I was pregnant with T, so they put in an IV and I had to wheel that around with me everywhere while I was up and walking. What a pain! So hoping I can skip that this time. Isn't it amazing that we'll all be on baby watch soon? :eek: