34 wk appointment

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34 wk appointment

I had my 34 week appointment today, Baby is doing good, heartbeat is strong, havent gained any weight from when i lost the 4 lbs last week but my dr isn't concerned baby is growing. The only thing we were a lil worried about is my bp it was 138/90 which is high for me.. I have been having headaches and dizzyness a lil bit lately but when they ran my urine it was good no protein so thats good i guess.. She said if i start contracting regular or having anything more funny happening get to the hospital for monitoring. Over all pretty good appointment. Tomorrow i have a high risk ob level 2 sonogram, and a fetal echocardiogram so i will get to see my little girl again pretty exciting for me.. I love seeing her:)

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Sounds like a great appointment and enjoy that u/s tomorrow.

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Glad it was a good appt overall... I am sure you were a bit anxious after last time so maybe causing your Bo to be higher

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I hope you get get another week or two out of her at the least. Sounds like she's sitting tight for the moment, so that's great! Sorry your bp was a little high, but that wasn't too bad. Mine was high one time after I didn't eat breakfast, which also makes me lightheaded and dizzy. Could that have been an issue?

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Glad things are going well overall! Sorry your bp was high though. Yay for seeing your little girl tomorrow! Hopefully she will keep baking away for a bit longer.

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Sounds like a good appointment over all! How did your u/s today go?

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Good news that she is still baking! Like the others side, I wouldn't worry too much about the BP. Could have been what you ate and nerves. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow!