36/37 week sucky appointment

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36/37 week sucky appointment

What a sucky appointment today. First I have to say despite everything, baby and I are both healthy and for that I am thankful. Smile

To start off, they rescheduled my appt for 5:30 yesterday so a perk of that was that I met DH at work and he took the kids so I could be there in peace. Smile Which was good because I ended up not even seeing the midwife until almost an hour after my appt time. :/ BUT I got to see MY midwife, not the other one.

For starters, after having my iron tested again last time, it was still low. My m/w always recommends specific vitamins and I had just bought some cheaper iron I found on Amazon and was taking one a day. Well, she said I should be taking 4(!!) a day of HER recommendation. So $15 later, I have a whole 30 capsules of raw iron which will last me about a week if I take 4 a day!! (I decided I would take half of the ones I have and half of hers - so 2 of each kind - a day instead to stretch it out.)

Next, my strep B test came up positive. SadSadSad I've never tested positive and I'm wondering about that. My doula friend asked me if I had DTD the night before because that can throw it off and it was entirely possible so I dunno. But anyway, I have to buy this hibiclens stuff and douche every day for awhile and I asked to be retested in two weeks so here's hoping it's negative.

Then the worst part, which I can't really go into detail about but due to unforeseen policies and circumstances, I will have to have my baby at home at this point. This could change and hopefully it does but if I went into labor right now, my m/w would have to come here. This is a bigger deal for hubby than for me; I can live with it, but when I told him last night, he got mad at me for not telling me that it was a possibly sooner (I had known it might be and I *did* tell him but he forgot.) and he really hasn't talked to me since.

Otherwise, bp was fine, baby measuring fine, in good position, head is low and down, etc.

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I'm a little confused about the last part, but I'm sorry it's not working out like you want it to and I hope things turn around.

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Well at least you and baby are healthy. Sorry about the positive gbs, its great that they give you a second chance.

I hear ya on those iron supplements, they aren't cheap. They told me they would not retest my iron until my postpartum checkup, so Im supposed to stick the the plan. I also do not take the ones my midwife recommends...its too pricey.

Sorry about birthing at home, were you planning on a birth center birth? But lots of ladies love home births, so maybe it will work out to your favor.

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I'm sorry your appt didn't go so well, but I'm happy you and baby are doing fine. I wanted to try a home birth so I could have a vba3c but dh shot that down. =/ He didn't want something to happen and not be at a hospital. I'm sorry your hubby is giving you a hard time about a home birth. Hopefully he'll calm down and realize you can't control hospital policy

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Sorry for a not great appt. hoping for the best for you

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I'm so sorry for a not so good appt. I really hope things start to get better. Good thing though is that you and baby are both safe and healthy and that is the most important thing of all! Smile I'm sorry about the gbs positive. I'm not sure about mine. I got tested this past Wednesday so I wont know till next Wednesday at my appt. I hope the iron pills start working that your taking. I too also am taking iron supplement. Just keep your head up and keep a having happy thoughts and positive vibes! I will be praying for you and your baby. Smile