36 Week appt today!

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36 Week appt today!

BP was a good 124/82, i'm down a lb from last week, and her heart beat was 143/146, dr says we are measuring good. They are going to start cervix checks next week....oh and I passed my GBS swab so yay for one less thing to worry about!!!
I also asked him a question because when I was pg with my son, I was told from 37 weeks all the way up until induction at 41 weeks that I was 1cm dilated. Until the day of induction they told me I wasn't dilated at all. So I asked him what my chances were of being able to dilate on my own this time because I really really really don't want to go overdue again. He told me we are going to take it one appt at a time and if we make it to 40 weeks with nothing then he will start talking to us about inducing. He said he will not let me go past 42 weeks, I asked him to not let me even get to that point because that is just mean! LOL
Anyways, all in all a good quick 10 min appt and I go back next Thursday for my 37 week appt.

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Glad you had a nice boring appt. I'm excited for you to get checked! I was SO mad at my doc today because I'm ONE DAY off of 38 weeks and they didn't check me.. I mean, I'll be almost 39 weeks before I even get checked for dilation!?!? I want to be excited about something LOL

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Sounds like a good appointment! I hope they don't let you go an extra two weeks if you don't want to. Hopefully next week will show that you are dilating on your own anyway.

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Sounds like a good time!!! I can't imagine two weeks late

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Did he talk about stripping your membranes? I've had that done with both my kids - with my son, it put me into labor (I was past 40 weeks) and with my daughter it was done twice and didn't work but it was earlier and she was stubborn! But anyway, that can help you. And taking supplements like evening primrose oil can help soften your cervix so dilation is quicker.

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Congrats on a happy appointment. Hoping everything keeps going well! Smile Not much longer! Smile

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Sounds like a great appointment. Hopefully you don't have to be induced!

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Thoughts and prayers for your body to get things moving a little quicker this time!