36 week apt and A hospital visit

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36 week apt and A hospital visit

So i had my 36 week ob appointment and told her that i had been contracting since i rolled out of bed, and that baby girl really hasn't been that active, she is but has slowed wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy down.. so now i have to pay attention to kick counts.. 8-10 in an hr after i eat or drink something if not i have to go in again.. I am now on weekly appointments , although i doubt i will make it much further.. My ob recommended since i was contracting to go to the hospital for monitoring so they could "see" the contractions and so they could check how far dialated i am.. Come to find out i was contracting every 5-6 min apart, and ....... I am 1 cm dialated and 40 % effaced, baby is way down there too.. and now shes decided sunny side up is the place to be.. Ouchie.. Baby needs to rotate the other way.. They sent me home but told me to go back when things intensify to be rechecked. Her fluid level was fine @ about 8. which is a little lower than i think she had before but we shall see what happens.. If i continue contracting and dialating and reach 4 cm then they consider it active labor and they would have to take her. Positive thoughts i would like to continue dialating with these contractions, or all of these pains are for nothing really..

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Good luck! Positive thoughts your way!!!

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Wow, you must be really uncomfortable. Hopefully things slow down a bit for at least another week or so.

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Sounds like baby just wants to get out! Hope she'll hold out just a lil longer. Good luck!! Smile

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If you want to turn her, do some kneeling on all fours and look at the positions you can do on Techniques. I just know that my first baby was posterior and my pelvis did NOT like it - makes for a longer and harder labor. You can also lean against a wall w/ your arms and rotate your pelvis around to get her to turn. The doc might be able to manually turn her as well (hurts though!). Also you can go to the chiro but I know you don't have a lot of time.
I hope she turns back to a good position!

ETA: Oh and baby's movement is supposed to slow down anyway because they are running out of room in there!

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Oh man, I hope she turns for you. Take it easy mama!

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Hope she bakes for another week. I agree with Vicki on trying to get onto all fours. I was having quite a bit of pain and pressure down there, because he is so low and yesterday I did my cat/cow exercises and I really think they helped. Can't hurt to try to turn her.

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Hope she turns around and can hold on for another week or two! I will be praying for you and the baby! Smile