37 week appintment last Thursday

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37 week appintment last Thursday

I always end up posting these a couple days late, haha. My appointment went great, blood pressure is still nice and low, heartrate good, I did gain 3 1/2 lbs this time although that doesn't surprise me considering the vast amount of chocolate I've been eating lately.

When I got to work, my assistant and one of my friends from another office had decorated my office and brought in some chocolate cupcakes and brownies (they know my favorites!) to celebrate. They gave me a set of cute coordinating outfits for my daughter and the new baby and a badge for my daughter that says "Big Sister" so that was really nice and sweet of them.

I finally wrapped up all the big things on my to do list at work this week, so I am feeling less stressed now about the impending big day! I still feel like I am probably missing things at work that I should be prepping, but my brain is kind of fried and I think I'm mentally starting to check out. Hoping to have at least one more week though, as my replacement starts full time on Weds., so I'd like to get in a few days with her doing everything under my supervision, but if not, she will still be ok. And also would prefer to have baby around the 20th so that I can go back to work later in July after the summer rush time is ended.

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Yay for a good appt and less stress. I know that was a huge relief for me

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Yay for an excellent appoinment!

It must feel so nice to have things wrapped up at work. I go back and forth between freaking out over work and mentally checking out.

How nice of your co workers to throw you a little celebration. Mhmmm...chocolate cupcake and brownies. I love chocolate too. I seriously eat it every single day. I have an addiction right now.