37 Week Appoinment

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37 Week Appoinment

Pretty boring appointment. I decided to not get my cervix checked this week....so I don't know what's going on down there. But she said he is now in the perfect position, so I just have to get him to stay that way until he's born!

Oh and I passed my GBS test! Whoohoo!

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Yay, glad for an easy boring appt! You are full term now, can you believe it?!?

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Nope! I really can't! It's wild.

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I'm surprised they offer checks that early. Mine was a total waste at 37 weeks and since my cervix was still so high, it really hurt. Good for you for having the will power to say no.

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I hate those cervix checks, they hurt! But, yay for being full term!!!!!

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Congrats for being term! I can't believe how CLOSE you are!! :clappy:

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Yay, congrats on being term and yay for passing the GBS test!

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Congrats on being full term and passing your gbs test! Smile Not much longer! Smile