37 week appt today

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37 week appt today

Nothing exciting at all. Up another 2lbs which I guess is ok, because at last weeks appt I had lost a lb. BP was 140/82 but i'm not spilling protein or sugar in my urine so they aren't too concerned, especially since my BP readings have been all over the place the entire time and nothing to much higher than this. Took him a minuet to find her heartbeat, but he did and it was in the 140's and said we are still measuring good.
Did the cervix check and said i'm basically a fingertip dilated, but is going to consider me closed at this point. So we go back next Thursday for week 38 and thats where we stand. A little disappointing to know i'm not making any progress, but also know each day she stays put is good for her.

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I hear ya on being disappointed about not making any progress. But, glad you had a good, uneventful appointment.

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Glad it was a good appointment over all! Boo for no progress yet, but it can go so fast when it does happen that you could still go any time. Smile

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Yay for a good appointment. Those progress checks don't mean anything. Really you could pop tomorrow!

BTW happy full term to you Jill!

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Hey, a fingertip is progress as far as I'm concerned!!

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Glad it was a good appointment overall. And ditto that progress checks don't mean much in terms of when you will go into labor. It could happen at any time! And yes, while 37 weeks is full term, if baby isn't ready to come out, then every day is good for her, so just keep focusing on that and on the fact that regardless of when she comes, you are definitely to the point where the end is clearly in sight and it will not be much longer!

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Glad your appointment went well! Not much longer at all. I know you are super excited and I hope things continue to go well. Sending you positive thoughts and will be praying for you Smile