38 week appt

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38 week appt

Pretty normal appt. She was so active they couldn't get a reading on her heart rate. Every time they'd catch her, she's move before the reading would stabalize. They finally gave up, lol. I got my birth plan signed and faxed to the hospital and my midwife leaves to go out of town today. I'm holding out hope that I'll make it till she gets back on the 7th.

In other news, tomorrow is my last day of work, whoo hooo!!!!!!

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Glad your appt went well and yay for no more work!! Smile Hope your LO will stay put until your midwife returns!

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Who hoo for a good appt. I hope she holds out for you until the midwife gets back. Smile

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Whoohoo for it being your last day of work. Cheers to that! Lucky gal! Hope you get some good relaxation in and baby stays put until the 7th!

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Glad your appointment went well! I bet you are super excited! Hope baby can wait till the 7th! Sending you positive thoughts and happy vibes! Keeping you in my prayers! Smile