38 week appt that...was not.

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38 week appt that...was not.

Went for my 38 week appt today and ended up not being able to be seen as the dr was on delivery number 4 and had just gotten called out not long before we would have been called back.
So, we go back tomorrow at 10:45. It will be with a different dr as the one we have been seeing is off tomorrow after being on call and then will be on vacation all next week. This other dr we will be seeing isn't my favorite but he isn't bad either.

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Sorry that you ended up wasting your time! A few weeks ago I had to wait almost 2 hours for my doctor to come back from a delivery.

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Suchis tthe nature of the OB office, doesn't mean it's not super annoying to go there for nothing!

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Cruddy outcome! :annoyed: Hope tomorrow goes well! Biggrin

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Ugh. I hate that but so close at this point!!!