38 week apt today!

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38 week apt today!

Blood pressure was 130/82, and apparently we are measuring good and her heart rate was good even though he didn't tell me either number just said perfect-read previous post about not really caring for this doctor.
Went on for the cervix check...and....nothing, zip, nada! So frustrating!
At the end, I asked him about the movement because I wanted to be sure. He said they are looking for movement every hour-ugh! But then he goes, wait why are we having you do kick counts anyways? So he looks back through my file and goes ah thats because he sent you for an NST a few weeks ago for lack of movement. What kind of movement have you felt today..so I tell him I felt her a ton this morning but for the previous hour she was pretty quiet. Wrong answer Jill wrong answer...over to L&D we went, just for "precaution" as he said.
Get over there, get hooked up to the monitors and for 45 min only had two movements registered and only felt the one. So she came in and said Dr A doesn't like what he is seeing, so he has ordered a biophysical-awesome! As soon as she unhooked the BP cuff from me(Which my bp was anywhere from 130/82-147/94) baby girl starts moving ALL over the place. Biophysical was cancelled. She was moving all over, but I wasn't feeling all of it.
Nurse tells me they look for 6-10 movements every hour but they understand that you can't keep track for 24 hours a day. So she said to start trying to pay attention to movement and any patterns and kind of go off of that. But, if we are getting an hour or two with nothing, then I need to come in and be monitored. So here is my issue again....obviously she moves and I don't feel everything. So who's to say I don't feel movement or a lot of it over a period of a couple of hours but she really is moving? I don't want to constantly be having to go into L&D.
So I have decided that when I go back next Thursday for our 39 week appt, i'm going to ask the dr what can we do to get things moving along or see how long this one will make me go because obviously I'm not progressing on my own. I'm good with going to 40 weeks/due date because there is no reason to take her early at this point, but I really don't want to go much over that. The other dr and I talked about that and he said at 40 weeks we could start talking induction if nothing seems to be happening on our own. Either way, I am pretty dang sure we are headed towards an induction it's just going to be a matter of when. Maybe i'll be surprised and go into labor on my own but I doubt it.
Anyways, thats my update.

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You definitely have a little game player in there, Jill. Too funny about the "wrong answer" lol.. I am glad, however, that even though you didn't feel her too much, they did pick up on a healthy level of movement from her. Smile

I can't blame you on the not wanting to go much past your due date.. they're for a reason.. Keep on hangin in there! One can't be pregnant for ever, right? Smile

Onto week 39!! :clappy:

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Hello, fellow induct-ee!! (maybe)

This morning, I kept freaking out about not feeling the baby. I sent a text to DH and said I was going to give her another 30 minutes and if I didn't feel anything, I was calling the doctor. I had some ice water and my MW had said to drink that if I haven't felt the baby (and to lay down on m left side, but I was at work, so...) So I drank some....nothing. Poked her....nothing. Walked around...nothing. Finally around 945 she moved her butt a little. I was glad she moved, but... it wasn't enough for me. But then around 1030 she started going to town. I also wonder sometimes if she's moving and I just can't feel her, like maybe towards the back or something?
Anyway, I'm glad you got some good movement out of your baby... what's a biophysical?

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Biophysicals are the ultrasounds that I had to have for the last 14 weeks. It is just an ultrasound that has a score of an 8. They look for 4 things. Movement (has to be like major kicks or inflection of spine), heart rate, baby practicing breathing, and fluid which they meqsure in 4 quadrants. These each are 2 points each and you need an 8/8 to pass. For me I didn't pass one week on the breathing so then they sent me for an NST and a repeat biophysical three days later. Also didn't pass on the movement one week so same thing that time.

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sorry you had such a crazy appointment today. But the main thing is you and baby are healthy Smile I hope baby will decide to come on it's own. But either way not much longer until you will be holding your bundle of joy in your arms. I will be praying for you and baby! Smile

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Sorry to hear you had such a crazy appointment. Hopefully baby will decide to come soon so you can avoid an induction, but at least it won't be much longer!

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Oh wow what an eventful appointment. It is strange that they are so concerned with movement every hour. Makes me a little nervous because my little guy usually only moves at night now.

Well I am glad everything turned out ok. Sorry for no progress...but you know those don't really mean a whole lot. I hope she decides to come on her own soon.

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Sounds like your baby's movements are completely normal, you just can't feel them for some reason. Sorry it's causing you so much stress.

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I said to DH way back when we found out baby was a girl....we are so in for it with this one and so far thats proving true. LOL
I wasn't concerned about her movements on Friday because like I had told the dr she was moving a ton and all over the place just a few hours prior to the appt time but apparently he wasn't happy with that. And the nurse said the babys have sleep cycles of 20-40 min, and we were hooked up for 45 minuets before she started moving, so obviously we caught her at nap time. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry but what can ya do? So we will see what is happening down there on Thursday and if nothing or not much, Mr DR man and I will be having a talk, even though he's not the one I want to discuss this with. The dr we really like and have been seeing will be the dr I see for our 40 week appt(he's on vacation this week), but I kind of don't want to wait until then to have this discussion ya know?