39 Week Appointment

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39 Week Appointment

I had my 39 week appointment today. No change at all from last week. Still not dilated at all. I asked my midwife about the going past my due date protocol. She said if I wanted, they could strip my membranes at 41 weeks and then at 41.5 weeks they make me go for an ultrasound to check fluid levels and such. Then at 42 weeks they "typically" suggest induction. The way she said typically makes me think she'd give me a couple extra days. But let's hope I don't make it to that point.

I will definitely take a pic tonight. Sorry last night turned into a disaster because the AC repair guy came and completely destroyed the sheet rock in my closet to access the attic. There were sheetrock pieces and dust everywhere. I had to wash my entire wardrobe AGAIN. The pieces were just all over the house. I was not a happy lady.

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Erm... you don't have access to your attic other than busting through your closet? That sucks!

I feel ya on the no dilation. Hopefully things will start happening soon for you!

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Hopefully you go before 42 weeks!

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Hope you go before 42 weeks Smile I am definitely feeling you girl. No dilation yet for me either. I go for my next appt on Monday and Tuesday marks my due date! So I am definitely know how you feel. Sorry about the mess. That would irritate me too.

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nak-Sorry about the mess what a pain. hopefully you will go into labor before 42 weeks.

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my 39 week apt is Monday.... I'm okay going to 40 weeks but reaaaaaallllyyy don't wanna go over though.... being a vbac my induction options are slim

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Here's hoping you won't be going past 40 weeks, let alone to 42!! :shock: Just a few more days!!