39 week belly!

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39 week belly!

39 weeks! Can't believe it. I'm off to read these birth stories you all posted! I can't wait until my baby is here too, all these photos and talking about babies is making me excited to meet my LO.

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WHAT???? No fair you look Amazing!!!! I'm like 4 of you lol!!!

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You look so freakin cute! Before you know it, it'll feel like light years since you were pregnant!

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Amanda this is my 1st and you are on your 4th!! Haha. Also my guy has been measuring small this whole pregnancy. But I'm startng to run out of shirts that fit me right! He's lower so I have that whole "shirt hangs off the belly look." Not attractive around the office, but I don't care anymore.

Joan, I'm waiting. Today I woke up and thought to myself "still pregnant." Haha. I was being patient. But I'm starting to get anxious.

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I woke up every day since 37 weeks going... MAN NOTHING HAPPENED! Like I was going to go into labor every night because of wishful thinking LOL I don't think Julie ever "dropped" enough for me to run out of clothes to wear. Even up until the end, I was wearing regular t-shirts and they worked fine. My WORK shirt, however, was getting to be a bit of an issue towards the end.

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You look so cute! The end of pregnancy feels like you will be pregnant forever but then suddenly you wont be any more! It won't be long now before your little one makes his appearance!

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You know what.. you make adorable look sickeningly sweet! Lol You're absolutely perfect!! Loove the belly, girl! :clappy:

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You look adorable Elizabeth. Love your baby bump. Wished I looked as good as you do. Smile

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You are so cute!!!