3hr Glucose test in the morning

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3hr Glucose test in the morning

and its gonna suck! Sad

I am doing this test early since my doc feels I am diabetic already. I have been monitoring my blood sugars for 2 weeks now and they are elevated at times. I elected to skip the 1hr test since I know I would fail it--so why torture myself.

Anyway, I am so nervous about fasting and then drinking all that sugar. BLECH! I won't be able to eat anything until 10am, and I get up at 5:30. I am going to be sooooo sick.

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UGH, good luck!! I hope it comes back fine!!

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thanks Mari!

The drink is fine, but fasting and having a HUGE sugar rush is aweful. I didn't vomit and I didn't pass out so that part was a success Smile

I don't think I passed the test. But it doesn't really matter since I am already monitoring my blood sugars. They wanted to test my insulin levels along with the glucose which is why I did the test. I hope I never have to repeat that one!

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I had to do the 3 hour with DS and it wasn't as terrible as I had expected, but I think I'd handle fasting worse at this point in the pregnancy than at the typical later point. Hopefully the whole ordeal is over really quickly for you.

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