40 week appointment...

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40 week appointment...

Well I can't believe I'm STILL pg... lol I thought for SURE I would go early, seems lil man has other plans. My b/p was higher than norm and he's not been moving much so I got an nst which turned out okay and b/p came down. I was 4 cm have a "favorable" cervix? what in the heck does that mean? lol cervix is still posterior but "reachable" she stripped my membranes which hurt worse this time I think cause my lady goods are SOOO sore already.. and we discussed coming in on Thursday and she would break my water, and add a small amount of Pitocin if needed. I was really relieved this is an option since I'm planning a vbac. I opted to just do another appointment, nst and sizing u/s instead even though I REEEAAAALLLLYYY wanted to say YES lets break the water NOW!!! haha I hurt so so so bad, my hips and back the goods... all of it. Not to mention stinking non stop contractions that I feel like aren't getting me anywhere. I know they are but really 1 cm a week!? guess it's better than none though Smile

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It could all happen tomorrow though. Hopefully you don't make it to the next appt.

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Darn it, I thought you had your baby. Well sounds like a good appointment despite the lack of significant progress. But like they say, the exams don't mean a thing. We could both pop tomorrow.