40w+1d appointment

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40w+1d appointment

Saw the midwife this morning. My BP is great, 114/70, I have gained 1 lb since my last appointment. I'm 90% effaced and his head is fully engaged. She said his head is so engaged she is surprised I'm not complaining more. And because his head was so engaged, she couldn't find my cervix, she made me do a pelvic lift to find it and then said I'm almost a fingertip dilated. Whoohoo! ALMOST a fingertip! LOL.

She asked me what I am doing to move things along. I have 2 midwifes and the other one told me not to take evening primrose, but I starting taking it last week anyway, so I was honest and told her about it. But she said "Oh yeah you should take it, it can't hurt anything." And she wants me to up my dosage and take it both orally and vaginally. Which is weird, because I thought it really only helped with effacement. And since I'm nearly fully effaced, not sure what it will do. Oh well, its there, so I will take it. I told her that I'm also doing squats, lunges, walking a lot, DTD and drinking RRL tea. She said to just keep doing what I'm doing. She offered to strip my membranes, but I told her I'd like to wait until next week.

They have me scheduled for a biophysical profile next Thursday to check the amniotic fluid levels. And then at 41.5 weeks Monday, May 6th I am scheduled for a NST. They are going to schedule my induction next week for May 9th or 10th. So Henry best be on his way out! DH and I are planning on having tons of sex this weekend. LOL. DH is determined to have an April baby.

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You go girl!! Doing great Smile Get your DTD on!! I hope he decides he wants to come soon for mommy and daddy!!

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Yay for almost being fully effaced! And dilation and go quick, you might be a fingertip today and 6-7 tomorrow! C'mon Henry we're waiting!

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Come on out Henry!!!! Smile Glad things are going well and you are progressing. Being engaged will help things move along sooner hopefully!

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How exciting! I bet you don't make it to your NST!

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Come on, Henry!!! Get your adorable little butt out here, stat! Sounds like a great appointment, and that things are starting to happen. Hoping that you get to meet your little guy sometime this weekend so DH gets his April baby.

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It's gonna happen PRETTY quick for you, girl. 90% effaced??? Umm yeah.. I'd be surprised if you made it another 3-4 days!! Wink

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Come on out and play Henry, it's your turn!!!!!!!

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Hurry up Henry !!! I hope you don't make your next appointment.

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WOOT WOOT!!! great appointment Smile Come on out Henry!!!! Good luck to ya girlie