6 week follow-up

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6 week follow-up

I had my appt yesterday and the doctor said I had healed nicely (he said "you did good" as if my good behavior made my scar heal, lol). He cleared me for normal activity. I asked him why my uterus seemed so large still and he basically told me that it should get a little better over time but that after two pregnancies, not to expect my body to go back to normal. What he actually said was, "You don't see many women with more than one kid that look like supermodels." Nice. I mentioned that it would just be nice to get out of maternity pants and he told me to get to excercising. Now, I still have 10 lbs to from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I know the difference between body fat and a big, loose, empty organ sticking out of my belly, lol. I'm going to give it some time + excercise and if it doesn't go down after a while, I might try one of those wraps. I'm not expecting a completely flat tummy, but I'd like to not look 12 weeks pregnant for the rest of my life.

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Yay for healing nicely and being free to exercise! I'm sure you look great girl! A bit of exercise and BF'ing and you will be fit in no time! I miss yoga, although the thought of it makes my vag hurt. So what wrap do you speak of? I haven't heard of this.

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I tried some of the wraps from some company, I forget and it didn't work. i still have one left so i might try it when/if I can lose some weight.
I think part of it is weight and part of it is just skin that has stretched beyond capacity and won't go back. Ever since my first I've had a flabby, loose belly but I can tell that if I just exercise and lose some weight, it would help but it will never be tight again. That's why people get tummy tucks!
I know someone who has had four kids and she exercises 3x a week and is really thin but looks 3 months pregnant and it wont go away. Sad