AHHHHHH!!!!! (part vent)
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    Default AHHHHHH!!!!! (part vent)

    Someone in the January thread just had their baby.

    I'm due at the very beginning of April so you can't count April. That leaves March, February and January. And people in January are already starting! Where has this pregnancy GONE???

    Okay, for the venting part:

    I had a horrible horrible day at work on Friday. Then DH calls me on his way home: His engine blew. He's mechanic, so fixing it isn't the problem - it's getting the money to fix it. We had to rent a car trailer from U-Haul and go pick up his car, then he went to my moms house to pick up her other car (that needs work, but it runs.). He spent nearly his whole paycheck running around (my mom lives 3 hours away) and he almost cried in the car when I was with him because he doesn't have anything for me for Christmas. I have a lot of presents for him under the tree, but they're not all "real" presents, I mean like...I wrapped up some beef jerky for him LOL, but he thinks he has soooo much under there and it's not really like that. But I felt bad because he doesn't have the money for me. I told him not to worry about it, but ...he is going to anyway.

    AND, the car that he went and picked up from my moms - has transmission problems. I HOPE it doesn't need a new transmission. Blah.

    THEN, my older brother told my mom not to bother to come to visit him because he usually spends his Sundays at the bar with his friends. WTF????????????? He hasn't seen my mom in over two years!! She was making the effort and... seriously?? THEN, my younger brother texted me and asked if anyone was expecting presents because he only had 40 dollars and had to get gas and cigs. I said atleast get mom a card, even if it's the 99 cents one. So then he tells me (later) that he spent all of his money and doesn't have a present for her. I said, you couldn't even save a DOLLAR to get your MOTHER a card???

    Stupid selfish pricks. BOTH of them. She deserves so much better treatment.
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    First of all, I know! We are getting really close to the third trimester, which is crazy!!!

    I'm sorry that your DH's car broke down and now he doesn't have money to get you anything for Xmas and he feels so badly about it. (((hugs))) Maybe you could suggest something home made and free, like a coupon book that has things like "Husband to do the dishes" and "Husband to give Jessica a 20 min back rub" that you can cash in whenever you want. If my DH would go upstairs and put away all of the laundry right this minute, I would gladly accept that as a present. LOL!

    Also sorry to hear that your brothers are being selfish with your mom. I hope that her feelings aren't hurt.
    -Alissa, mom to Tristan (5) and Reid (the baby!)

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    Agh cars are such money sucks! I hate dishing out money for random car problems.

    Your brothers do sound selfish. Do they not have a good relationship with your mom or something? That's sad. Although my brother doesn't give gifts at christmas either, that just his style. But he shows up and gives out hugs. We aren't a super gifty family. I like it. Now DH's family, a whole other story.
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    Man, that sounds like a bunch of bad stuff! I would be so sad to see my husband get so upset. We decided not to exchange gifts this year due to a tight budget. I hope you guys can get your car fixed. How stressful.

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