Alissa update!!

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Alissa update!!

Alissa just texted me that her water broke and they are headed to the hospital! I will update if I hear anything new.

ELVs Alissa! Can't wait to see Rocket!

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Eeep! Hope everything goes smoothly for them, so exciting!

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How exciting! ELV's Smile

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Oooo! Easy Labor Vibes! I can't wait to see Rocket!

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Sooo hoooo.. And people said I would be the first lol. ELV

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Congrats mama!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin Hopefully he's here by now!!!!!!!!! Yahoo

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Who hoo!!!! ELV's!!!!! Can't wait to hear an update!

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OHHHHH YAYSSSS! Congrats Alissa! hoping for a quick and easy labor! I will be praying for you and Rocket! Smile