Am I the only one!?

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Am I the only one!?

I keep thinking that I'm not out of the woods yet!! I go to babies r us to pick things out then I close the window thinking it's too early and I'm going to jinx myself. Can you believe my HPT's are still in the same place I left them because I think if I put them away I'm going to jinx myself or something! I want to go to IKEA today to check out some baby accessories and I'm debating it. UGH!! I just want to sit back and relax. Sad Am I crazy?

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Me! I can't bring myself to buy anything either.

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I've bought things but it makes me nervous when I do. DH's mom is throwing me a family shower and she wanted to do it in January and that really made me nervous.

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I'm not so much in the if I buy something i'll jinx myself boat, but I am definitely in the dr said it's a girl, ultrasound said it's a girl, but if we buy something girly then baby is going to play a switcharoo and come out boy boat. Hahahaha! We have bought a few things for baby because we have nothing for a girl but we haven't gone overboard yet.

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Awwwww (((hugs))) I was in that boat earlier in the pregnancy, but have been feeling better about that stuff in the past several weeks. Now I'm getting kind of anxious to get everything bought and done and ready. I know we still have several months, but it seems like time is passing so quickly anymore...

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I haven't bought anything...and like Jill, I'm afraid to actually buy anything girl AND I'm paranoid about buying anything period. SO, baby will have NOTHING when she comes. LOL