Anatomy Scan question!!

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Anatomy Scan question!!

I'M SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS FOR MONDAY! I have my anatomy scan at 10:00 and then the fetal echo at 2:00. My question is did they tell you the gender right away or did they make you wait till they took all measurements and stuff. I really don't remember with DD what they did!

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The gender was the last thing she did. All the measurements came first.

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The first thing they did with me was look for the gender. Actually she put the ultrasound wand there and said almost immediately "It's a boy!"

Have a great appointment! Try not to worry so much! I can't wait til you post an update. You're the last one I think? Besides Vicki who is staying team green.

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First off, I can't wait to hear how everything goes. So excited! Good luck!!!
Secondly, we saw gender right away but none of us commented. She went over the area a couple of times while taking measurements and then towards the end she went back and finally said it's a girl and pointed everything out. She said she wanted to see a couple of times and get a real good shot before saying anything to us.

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During the measurements the gender was obvious. She confirmed mid scan.

We had an echo at our last scan, it was really neat!

Good luck on Monday!

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I can't wait to hear all about your scan tomorrow! Eeeeeee, so close!

We found out the sex towards the end of the scan. I honestly think part of it depends on the position of the baby. So if they put the scanner on your belly and it is right there, they probably tell you right away. But if they have to go hunting, they wait until they get to that part of the body.

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Okay girls I will update this evening since I have the echo at 2 and won't be home till like 4. Smile

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How exciting!!! I found out gender right away, but I think it's because of the position she was in when we started.

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How exciting Smile Can't wait to hear the news!!

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(poking my head in.. looking around for a clean bill of health / gender post.. ducking back out..)