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So I could have become rich yesterday. It was my Anna's wake and since my aunt is the mayor of a large city it was packed!!! Well the number of times I heard how much longer, you are not making it 5.5 weeks and the circle of life was crazy. If I got a dollar for each I would be rich. I get I am bigger and normal with high fluid but all the strangers made me nuts!!!

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ROFL Man, do I feel that statement loud and clear!!! lol.. Sorry it was so annoying.. but you're so close!!! Biggrin ( Secret Do I pay my dollar now? Lol )

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that's true, you are almost there! You have less time than I do and were pretty close! You got this girl Smile

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Haha. People just don't think, do they? I saw DH's aunt yesterday, and the first thing she said was "Wow, you're even bigger in real life than in your FB pictures." Uh...thanks? LOL

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Today, I didn't have on my hoodie at work - and two people were like OMG you've gotten so huge.

*eyeroll* Like it just happened yesterday. And if I get the "you must be having twins" remark one more time..I'm gonna punch someone.

AND, the "Oh you're almost there". I just nod and walk away now. Then I usually get some snide comment about being pregnant has made me have an attitude.

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Some people just drive me nuts! You could always ask the next person who says something if they are expecting too and then walk away....or wait..maybe thats my Chicago attitude coming out! Hahaha!

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Oh the twin one is awesome... My great uncle chased me around for two days joking I had two in there... I know people mean well but really when you are a stranger and visiting my grandmothers wake (so many strangers because my aunt is the mayor) don't say things to me lol

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I haven't gotten the twins one yet this time around but it's probably coming! People are so dense!
I remember last time I was at Walmart and this guy asked me when I was due. I think I was really close or over my due date and he was like "Wow, that baby's gonna be 10lbs!" I told him my midwife estimated she was right around 8lbs but he insisted.... and comments from guys are always awkward. (FWIW she was 8lbs 2oz!!)