Another appointment...

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Another appointment...

Today's was uneventful at the docs except I was so annoyed with the waiting. My u/s was scheduled for 3:30 and I drank my juice to make her move 15 min before like I am supposed to and then I wait to be taken until 4:10!!! So she wouldn't move at first but then was crazy... So I got an 8/8 on the u/s and then my fluid was 27.8 so pretty much same as Monday. My weight is so much higher this time and I am really bummed with it. He said for me it appears it is the fluid... The stomach fluid can attribute to 10 lbs and then I am swollen a lot which never happened with my daughter. Ugh oh well my focus after is to lose it all so hopefully in 6 mos or so I will feel better about it lol