Anybody "Glowing" yet?

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Anybody "Glowing" yet?

Everyone knows that I'm pregnant at work. I've told just about everyone I can think of.

However, I'm still waiting for this "glowing" thing to pop up. In my 1st pregnancy, I was soooo happy and everyone knew right when they saw me. And that pregnancy only lasted about 4 1/2 weeks.

I'm in my 8th week on this one. I'm definitely not glowing. However, I AM breaking out. Like horribly. I am wearing my glasses (I usually wear contacts) and I went to take them off last night and it hurt my eye. I reached up there and and there IS A ZIT RIGHT BESIDE MY EYE. Omg. For real?? That's okay, apparently my face is THE place to be right now.:ROFL:

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Haha, no, no glowing yet, although my nails are super strong, I think from the prenatals. I don't really remember ever "glowing" when I was preg with T. Maybe some women just don't glow. LOL

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I don't glow I grow! I was already told my *** was a little bigger!!! And it's big already so wasn't too happy about that!

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Haha, Mari, you and me both. I went and visited my parents last night and I could tell my mom kept eying my stomach because it's so much bigger already. LOL Oh well....

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LOL, it's so strange. I don't have any symptoms really other than a huge stomach by the end of the night and I get very hungry frequently. My problem area with DD was how incredibly WIDE I got! My belly actually wasn't too big.

**so sorry for hijacking your thread**

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Pregnancy glow was the first "symptom". That's actually the reason I took a test because I woke up one morning and my skin was all aglow.

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I don't think I'm glowing yet. My skin has been breaking out and I have a cold sore....not a pretty look. Hopefully the glow sets in soon.

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I don't glow, I don't think. I've had people tell me I look glowing but that's when I'm noticeably pregnant. I don't feel like the first trimester has me "glowing" that's for sure!

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Definitely not glowing (although I'm trying to fake it with luminizing moisturizer Wink ).

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Nope- not glowing. I just call it the "puke sweats" this early on!

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I AM Definatly NOT glowing... I'm excited but completly misreble. We have only told my Mom about the pregnancy and the other day my MIL said I look super tired... well, yes, I do. I haven't slept, I'm constipated and nausious at exactly 10am and 4pm everyday. I also look like I did when I was in the 8th grade(breaking out). Why is this pregnancy so hard compared to my last 2? When I had my son I had some m/s, my daughter no m/s and this one is like woah!