Anyone else dreaming about baby?

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Anyone else dreaming about baby?

Normally my dreams consist of DH cheating or leaving me. Sometimes I dream about weird things that make no sense. For instance, a few nights ago I couldn't figure out why all the furniture was on the ceiling and I was still on the ground.

Anywho, last night I had an amazing dream! It was a baby girl, wrapped in a thin white blanket with chubby cheeks, vibrant red hair (DH was a red head when he was born. I was SUPER blond, almost white. Now he's blond and I'm brown) and super blue eyes. She was so adorable!!

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What a wonderful dream!

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I like the baby dream more than the furniture on the ceiling dream! Lol Sounds sooo super sweet!! Biggrin

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Aww what a nice dream! My dreams are still weird and don't make sense. Can't wait for the baby dreams! All my friends with kiddos say they had them!

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awww... that's so sweet. I don't think I ever had baby dreams with DS, mostly my dreams while pregnant are super weird.

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what a beautiful dream! I mostly have crazy dreams that make no sense. BUT I have had 2 dreams of me with a very chubby baby boy. Smile

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yes ironically i had a dream about the baby last night. I had a dream that i didn't realise i was in labor and ended up delivering the baby myself in the bathroom.. my husband quickly wrapped baby up and we put a diaper on baby, one thing we didn't notice though was weather this baby was a boy or a girl.. Strange i know and then i woke up having to pee so the dream didn't get to go further lol.

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What a sweet dream! Smile Ive had 4 baby dreams, and every one baby was a boy! I am REALLY hoping my dreams are playing tricks on me! lol