anyone else up all night?

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anyone else up all night?

Our nights have never been great. I think we've only had 2-3 total nights where I've gotten decent sleep. Lately though, they've been really bad. Last night, she woke up every 2 hours wanting to nurse for the first half of the night, then every hour for the second half. This doesn't include the 3-4 times I have to pat her back to help her settle in between her actual wakings. She seems uncomfortable and passes a lot of gas when she wakes up, so my best theory is that her tummy hurts, which is why she wants to nurse so much. She easily goes 2.5-3 hours without eating during the day. Obviously, I'm VERY tired. I have to rock her and put her in the swing so I can leave for work in the morning! Sometimes, that doesn't even work ... those days, she's up from 5-6:30 after I leave.

I'm not sure what I can really do here but wait it out and hope it gets better. I give her gas drops and I'm working on getting her to fall asleep on her own, she's just so restless. I know this is terrible, but I get so tired that at some point, I end up putting her in the nook of my arm, latching her and going back to sleep. It makes my nipples VERY sore, but it's the only way I can sleep the second part of the night.

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((Hugs)) Joan! I would probably do the same thing although maybe she could eat more often during the day? Judah still eats usually every 2-2.5 hours during the day. He eats about 8 times a day total (including once at night). I do the patting too though - and stick him in the crook of my arm and nurse him while I'm sleeping - totally do it all the time!
I hope she starts sleeping better for you soon! I can't imagine working on top of all of that!

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lol! I'm glad I'm not the only one doing that!! She has been eating less during the day, but I think that came after the constant night nursing vs it happening the other way. I don't think it's hunger waking her because it's more frequent than her day stretches!! I'm really trying to be patient and waiting it out ... but I'm getting loopy!!

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Joan - I actually latch him on, set my phone alarm for 20 min on vibrate (it makes my neck hurt to sleep for too long in the chair) and sleep for the twenty minutes to give him time to nurse and get sleepy while I sleep. Hope it gets better for you soon! Going without sleep is the worst!

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Sorry Joan. That sucks, I can't imagine having to get up and go to work after all that. He typically goes down around 9 or 10 pm and sleeps til 2 or 3am and then nurses every 1.5 hours. During these hours I just let him sleep on my chest or next to me, because he fusses when I try to transfer him back to the bassinet. There have been a couple of nights where he slept til 4 or 5 am and those were great except my boobs wake me up all engorged. I wish my breasts would get with the program here so i can sleep. I hate waking up to pump.

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