Anyone ever take procardia for preterm labor?

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Anyone ever take procardia for preterm labor?

I have been on this since 29 weeks to stop preterm labor, the docs told me to keep taking it till i turned 36 weeks, how safe is it to keep taking it after that? Anyone take it longer during pregnancy? I have my 36 week apt today am contracting some this morning and wondering if any of these contractions are doing anything..

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I don't have any experience of knowledge of that, I just wanted to chime in and say that I'm happy to see Sadie is still baking! You're so close to full term momma!

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I'm not sure either. But I'm so glad you have made it this far!! You will be full term next week!!

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I took it with my daughter, but she was born at 34 weeks, I was on it from about 25 weeks on... she's a happy healthy 6 yr old now, but did spend 12 days in the NICU because even though I had the steroid shots her lungs still were immature.

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I'm not sure as i've never had to be on it.
But am so excited that you have made it this far!!!!!!