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Appointment tomorrow UPDATE

To see my consultant for follow up from the scar removal surgery last month.
Didn't end up having any scarring to remove but he took a biopsy to check the thickness of my lining so that will be discussed.
Plus he mentioned putting me on estrogen and also my starting clexane shots for blood thinning.
I am petrified of this.
The idea of having to inject myself every day is so scary.
Of course he may say this isn't needed after all... But... But...
Basically I am bricking it!!!!!!!!

So... All good!!
Didn't see mr h so the lady I saw is going to ask him about what he said about clexane but hoping as the results from everything were fine including lining that it's not needed.
I have now been discharged from the RMU.
All I need to do is call when pregnant for an early scan!!!

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Hi Liz,
Glad to hear that you didn't have any scarring. That's good news, right? I am also possibly going to be doing shots of blood thinner (brand name Lovenox, I think it's the same thing) so if we do have to give ourselves daily shots, at least we can commiserate. :bigarmhug:

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Hey alissa

Yeah.. Was good... Just weird after having an hsg tell us I had extensive scarring and that was the probable cause of my chemicals... Yet there is non... Only explanation was that when the dilation process happened it may have broken down the scarring... I find that a bit far fetched.
Plus it put us back 6 months as we were on a ban from ttc.
Hey ho.
When do you find out if you have to take it?
Have you ever done it before?
Good luck!!!!!!!

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Oh no, so now you have to wait 6 mos to TTC??

I have been playing phone tag with my OB since yesterday, and that's part of what we need to discuss, but if nothing else I have an appt a week from today, so I know we'll talk about it then if not before. In the meantime I am on baby aspirin.

I haven't ever done it before. However, I was talking to my hematologist about it, and he said that it's a small needle because it just needs to inject under the skin, it doesn't need to get into the muscles or anything like that. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with T, and I had to prick my finger twice a day to test my blood. He said it was probably pretty comparable to that. Pricking my finger (which I'll probably also have to do this pregnancy!) stings a little, but honestly you get used to it pretty fast.

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No... The 6 month wait is over now. Was on hold from loosing the twins in nov to last mo th when I had the scar removal surgery... Or rather the non removal... Lol.
In that time I was diagnosed with hyper fertility and being homogyous for mthfr. A mutation gene.
People always say I am a bit of a mutant lol.

Oh... I see... Frustrating about the tag games though.
That's good to know.
I got Diagnosed with GD at 8 weeks Easter before last... Found it early because I was on steroids for colitis so I know about the finger pricking so that is reassuring.

I can't take aspirin.... Really allergic.
Hmmm... I feel like a bit of a drama queen as nothing has even been decided but I am fretting.
Think I need your calmness.

When next week is your appointment?

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Oh good! I'm glad that you don't have to wait another 6 months; I want to share a BB with you. Smile

I think I have the mthfr thing too. Is that where your body doesn't process folic acid properly? I have the folic acid thing. Right now I am on progesterone, baby aspirin, prenatals, extra folic acid, and B vitamins. LOL about the being a mutant. I like to think that we are just the next step of human evolution....or something.....

What is hyper fertility? Sounds like a good thing if you are TTC.

I am feeling surprisingly calm about all this. I expected to be more scared of being pregnant, and more upset about the prospect of daily shots in the belly, but I've been feeling weirdly zen about the whole

My OB appt is Tuesday the 31st. 1 week away....

When will you find out if you have to take the shots? Are they going to wait until you're knocked up to decide?

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Yes... That's it. I am only on 400mg progesterone 2 or 3 days past o and onwards. And 5 mg of folic.
I was wondering about prenatals... Will ask mr h tomorrow to see if I can take them too.
I will find out tomorrow. Guessing he'll want me to have everything there ready and waiting.
The bonus is that as I have an under active thyroid all my prescriptions are free!!! Whoop!!!

Hyper fertility... Basically my fertile window is bigger than the 'normal' woman.
Which can let in dodgy eggs too. But is a reason I got oregnant so fast last year. 4 pregnancies in quick succession.

Interesting that we have the same condition. Nice actually... Feel like I have an allie.
Just wish that they had tested for it 2 years ago. But hey ho.

I think it's a good sign you feel zen like and calm. Good for you mentally and physically!!!
Oh and good luck for Tuesday too!!!!!!

I really hope we get to share a bb too.
We have come close before.
But you stick in April and I'll do my best to join you xxxxxx.

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I already posted in the other forum, but looks like we are "appointment buddies" tomorrow. Best of luck! I can't wait to hear your results (as well as my own from the epic 45 min 3D ultrasound and 8 vials of blood).

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Yahoo Whoop! Sounds like you had a great appointment. So glad to hear it, and can't wait to get the update with your BFP. Biggrin I talked to my doctor for a long time yesterday, and we are not going to do the blood thinning shots either, so hopefully we both dodged that bullet. Biggrin

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That's awesome news!!
Reckon we both pulled each other out of the way eh?

I am lOoking forward to watching your lo grow!!!!!
Hope I get to join you!!!
Would be so cool!!

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Sounds like you got the best possible news! Hope you concieve soon and have a healthy baby!

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