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Appt today

Okay well.. let's start with the waiting room:

Random lady as I walk in: Wow! Look at that baby! When are you due?
Me: Friday

I sit down. A lady with a HUGE belly comes in.

Random lady: Wow! When are YOU due?
Lady with huge belly: I have 8 more weeks.
Random lady: Holy crap! She (me) is due on Friday!

Everyone in the waiting room looks at me.

Lady with huge belly: You don't even look like you're close to term.
Me: Believe me, I'm due Friday.
Lady with huge belly: You don't have this (points at her belly)
Me: I threw up the entire pregnancy, so I haven't gained any weight.

I got called back at this point, but.. I feel kind of self conscious about my lacking preggo belly. I really think if I was skinny it'd be "bigger" but...since I'm already a big girl, it just kind of got round and hard LOL

Anyway, about the appt: The MW saw me today. She shoved her hand up there and MAN it hurt. The nurse didn't hurt me like that last week. The MW said she knows the head is down, so that's good because the nurse couldn't feel it. She was like..wait...'re *almost* at a... (drum roll please!!) 1!! I was like a ONE? What's ALMOST at a one? Zero! So anyway, she said my cervix is still high up and very firm (and obviously not dilated since I'm *almost* a one.) She took off her gloves and said.. Do you want to talk about a plan B for labor? I said yes, my boss already took me off the schedule and if I can't work and I don't have this baby next week, I'm looking at no paycheck coming in and I can't do that. It was nice she gave me the choice - she didn't force me or anything into getting induced. But I'm all for it. Yes, I understand it might lead to a c-section. I'm fine with that.

SO - Wednesday, April 10th I go in for cervadil at 6pm. I stay the night in labor and delivery. The next morning they start me on pitocin. I've heard crap stories about inducing and both of them, but the MW brought up a good point: She asked me how ready am I? Because labor is going to hurt, period. If I'm ready READY to have the baby out, then I have to get my mind set that pitocin is helping me get there.

I talked to DH who sounded ... I dunno.. bummed? He keeps telling me she might come before then. I KNOW she might come before then, but I was happy just to have a light at the end of the tunnel and he doesn't sound excited at all. Sad I know he probably will be when she gets here. He BETTER be. Plus, he doesn't have a whole lot of vacation and I'm basically forcing him to use atleast two days just with me in the hospital. So.. I dunno, I just wish he sounded a bit more optimistic on the phone.

Talked to my boss, I told him just to add me back into the schedule on Monday. So that'll be my last day. I go back to the doc on Tuesday, I guess just to make sure I still need to be induced? She said something about they don't give Cervadil to everyone - so maybe if my cervix thins out by itself I won't need that. I dunno.

I'm really scared and anxious.

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Sorry you are nervous and stressed. I know that it can be tough to mentally get things in your head but maybe it will all work out on its own and you will be all set. Good luck!!!

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I'm really hoping she does decide to come on her own.. and like I mentioned yesterday.. I hope she comes EXCEPTIONALLY fast! :comfort: I know this isn't the kind of appointment news you wanted to hear, girl, but like you said - at least you have a light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of all else.

FYI - Induction is ok, mama.. Your MW / nurse is right.. Pitocin is no joke.. so you do have to prepare for all possibilities (natural labor which may be longer than you want it to be) or even a C/S. And no, it won't be fun or comfortable. But women do it every day and come out just fine! Biggrin I know you can do this.. You're a strong woman! (Just recall some of the conversations we've had and all the "OH HELL NO!"s you've said to me.. Take that strength and get this done - You're no crumbly cookie. :bigarmhug:

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Honestly, I wanted to be induced. I'm really really really tired of being pregnant. I hurt so bad down there. Every time she moves, it's uncomfortable. I don't get any sleep and I'm a complete *****. When I lay in bed - and I have to move, I actually have started to cringe because I know it hurts so bad, just to flip over or whatnot. She would have let me go to 42 weeks, but I needed something to tell my boss...and I wanted to get done.

That said, I just watched a video on Pitocin and Epidurals and giving birth. I'm so screwed!

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First off-many hugs to you-keep your chin up, even though I know you feel miserable! You got this!
Secondly, keep telling yourself she very well may come on her own, and if not you have an end date.
Thirdly, coming from a mama who had to be induced with pitocin at 41 it's no joke, and yes it's going to hurt...but you CAN and WILL get through it. And in the end, you will have your beautiful baby girl in your arms. Just remember you can request an epidural. I know a lot of people say that getting an epidural can slow things experience it sped me up and very very quickly.

As for your DH, maybe he seems different because now he has a date in his head and see's that this baby is coming and it's soon and it's starting to sink in a little more that his daughter is on her way! I know my DH was like..we no longer have 9 months left, or even 9 weeks's here. And this isn't his first child either and he has those feelings. So maybe your DH is the same way?

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I don't think you're screwed. It really depends on your pain tolerance. I was induced with Noah bc of blood pressure issues and he was in distress. I didn't think it was a horrible experience. The horrible part for me was finding out at 7 CMs dilated that I needed to have an emergency c-section AND after I did and yes, I hurt and was sore.. it wasn't bad at all. I think you should prepare for the worst but also hope for the best. You will only hurt for a little bit.. compared to the joy you will have for a life time Smile

I am sure your DH is just bummed about you having to have to do that and her not coming on her own yet. You know how men are.. they have no clue. Keep your chin up girlie!!

BTW.. if you have her April 11th, it'll be a day before DH and I's anniversary Biggrin

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I'm glad you two have both been induced. I mean - not glad that it happened, but glad that you can reassure me that everything will turn out okay. I just talked to my mom as well - she had to be induced with my brother and she said it's painful...and then she said she had a natural childbirth. Ummm..NO thanks. I know we're "made" to have babies, but anything that'll help - I'll take it.

Jill, I think for DH and I, even though we have her room and her clothes and "baby things" it still hasn't set in that we're having a baby. I don't know how anyone can go for nine months in denial that something is growing in there and go through all the motions, but still not think about the end result...but I have. And so has he. So, possibly having the end date has thrown him off his denial game a little bit. Not me boy, I'm still in denial! LOL

Nidia, DH and I's anniversary is May 19th. I've thought about it a lot because Julie will only be a month old and ... it's our first year anniversary and I'd like to do something special with DH, but.. I don't want anyone babysitting her that early either. So, he may just get a card LMAO

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(snicker) Stilllllllllll in denial.. Wink I love it.

pico83 (not verified)

Oh Jessica :bighug:
I really hope she comes before then for you. But if not, induction isn't the end of the world. I've been induced twice. 39+1 with DS1 and 38+5 with DS3. Both times my water broke and nothing happened. I started at 1cm and 50% with DS1. They began pitocin at 3:30pm and I was ready to push at 10pm. yes, it hurt a lot. I did get an epidural, which worked wonderfully. With DS3 I started at 2cm. The pitocin was started at maybe 8:30pm and I was ready to push just after midnight. Again I got an epidural and again it worked just fine. So, it doesn't have to take forever and it can work out fine.
I'll be stalking and hoping everything goes smoothly and easily (and soon!) for you. Good luck!

(Oh, and i don't think DS1 was "real" to DH until he got to hold him.)

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that is what we did with Sam. We scheduled an induction at 41 weeks. I was to report to the hospital in the evening for cervadil, then Pitocin in the am. We went in at 10pm and I was in early labor according to the monitors. no cervadil or Pitocin needed!

I am glad you have an end date!

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I hope everything goes well. And I agree, she could come anytime now before your induction date. And I too also keep thinking about the pain of the whole labor and delivery process but I keep reminding myself that it's only temporary and plus woman have done this for years so if all of these other women can give birth, I can do it too. And your pain tolerance may be different from other women. It may have hurt like crap for some women but you may find it not as bad. I will definilty keep you in my prayers. Not much longer at all until you will be holding your baby girl in your arms Smile

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I know it feels great to have a definite end date. I'll be praying everything goes great for you. She'll be here so soon!

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You will be totally fine with an induction. Actually I know more people that were induced than not. I think its great that you have light at the end of the tunnel. This pregnancy has been soooooo rough for you. You need to be holding your little girl already!

I will keep my fingers crossed that she comes before induction date though.

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Hugs, Jessica. I also know a friend who was induced and everything went fine for her, she got an epidural and had a vaginal delivery with no problems. You also do still have time that baby may decide to come on her own before then. Whatever ends up happening, you will get through it and you will have your sweet little girl to enjoy very soon! And hopefully your DH will sound more excited once he has had a chance to absorb an actual date-I know even for myself this baby is kind of an abstract concept and I'm the one carrying her and feeling her kick, lol! Having a firm date would make it seem that much more real-even though I know in theory she could come anytime, if I knew for sure that she WOULD be coming by X day and no later, I would suddenly feel like I had a deadline or something.

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Don't think the worst! It's good that you're okay with the "worst" that could happen but don't think it will! And yes, she might even come on her own before that because you will be about 40.5 weeks by then. Seems like lots of babies come between 40 and 41 weeks (mine both did). So hopefully your body will be more ready by then at least and respond well to the Cervadil.
Good luck girl!! :goodluck:

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I'll add another positive induction story...

With my first, I was induced at 40w1d due to pre-e. I was pretty much where you are...maybe 1/2 cm dilated, hard & high cervix but she HAD to come out ASAP so I didn't have a choice. I went in at 9 pm and low and behold, my cervix had magically softened enough that they decided to skip cervadil and just start pitocin (not that it would've made a huge difference, just sped up the process a bit). Loooong night, failed first epidural, finally got that fixed and then by 11 am I was ready to push. An hour of pushing later, baby! Woohoo!

With my second, my doc gave me the option of induction as I had a "favorable" cervix but was only 1 cm at past my EDD yet again. I'd been having horribly painful contractions for 2 1/2 weeks that obviously weren't doing anything and it was getting difficult for me to take care of my DD so I went for it. Went in at 7 am, pitocin and epidural started at 8 (yeah they did them back to back so no more painful was great), fully dilated by 2, baby here by 2:15. My body seemed to just need a "kick start" that time because apparently they didn't have to turn up the pitocin very much.

Anyway...glad to hear you have a light at the end of the tunnel. Inductions have their place IMO and you are officially DUE which makes it very different than someone who is say 38 weeks trying to get doc to agree to inducing. Hopefully she'll come before, but if not, things will likely go just fine :vibes: