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Appt update

Geesh it takes me forever to update on stuff. :rolleyes:
Anyways, I had my second appt this past Thursday which according to my LMP would have put me at 10 weeks 1 day. I lost a pound(don't ask me how, I haven't been sick at all this time around and feel like all I do is eat.) My blood pressure was 130/80. They weren't too enthusiastic with the top number and said they are going to be watching it. The doctor tried to listen for a heartbeat but couldn't find out. He reassured us that sometimes it's hard to find one before 12 weeks with just the doppler. But we got a surprise ultrasound. When the doctor came into the room he asked if we had had one yet and we said no that the other doctor told us unless medically necessary we would only get the 20 weeks one. This doctor goes hmm ok, well were going to order one anyways, then tried to listen for the heartbeat. So he put an order in for an ultrasound and when we got home I called the number and they were like can you come in at 3:00 today and I was like yes please i'll take it. I ended up getting two ultrasounds. One on the outside of the tummy and then a trans vaginal one...not sure why. Anyways baby was measuring 9 weeks 3 days that day. Which would put baby 10 weeks today and me 10 weeks 5 days today. Tech wasn't worried about it at all. We did get a picture but I don't have it scanned to the computer yet.
So a pretty good appt all in all I think.

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Glad you got an ultrasound! Sounds like a great appointment.

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Yay for a surprise u/s and a great appt!!!! :woohoo:

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awesome! glad all is well!