Appt Update and Scheduled the Anatomy Scan

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Appt Update and Scheduled the Anatomy Scan

Had my appointment today. Listened to the heartbeat and the midwife says my uterus is right where it should be. Baby was on the move. She keep moving the doppler around because baby was moving so much. So for the past week or so I've been thinking I feel movement, but today it was definite. I felt the baby several times this morning. Must have been the OJ I had this morning. I rarely drink sugary drinks.

My midwife was still concerned that I hadn't gained even 1lb. She told me that I can overindulge during the holidays to catch up Wink

I made the appointment for my 20 week anatomy scan for December 6th at 9:30am. DH and I talked about maybe having the tech write the gender down and we open it when we get home. But we were hoping to get an afternoon appointment. Since its in the morning...I'm going to try to convince him tonight to find out at the appointment. I think I will be in la-la land that day at work. I should just take the whole day off. Hmm...I do deserve a vacation.

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Sounds like you had a great appointment, and yay for scheduling your anatomy scan!!! How exciting!!!! Also, super yay for feeling the baby move. That is the best, isn't it?

I like your idea of having the ultrasound tech write down the sex and then opening it later....but I would never make it that long. Like you said, I am just taking the whole day off work on Monday (the day I get my gender u/s) because I'll be too distracted to be useful anyway. Biggrin

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Glad the appointment went well! Its so neat to feel movement! I think taking the day off is a great idea-once you find out the gender, you can do some celebratory shopping for appropriate baby clothing Smile And follow that up with lunch somewhere special-tell DH its doctor recommended since your midwife wants you to gain weight, lol!.

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I'm taking the day off but I have mine in the morning! Isn't movement the best!!! Mine was fairly quiet yesterday...LOL!