Appt yesterday... Lil scary

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Appt yesterday... Lil scary

So I had my weekly appt yesterday and usually I do the u/s then see the doc but the u/s was behind so she had me see the doc first. Everything looked great and the heart rate was 147. So I went and sat and waited which of course then the baby was not moving after she had been crazy for awhile. So it is a biophysical each week for the high fluid and the lady is doing her stuff (I don't love my tech but I am getting used to her) and there was a lot of sitting still while she looked at monitor. Then she tried getting her to move a lot and she wouldn't. She had me roll on my sides etc and then after 30 min which is what they give she told me she couldn't get the baby practicing breathing which is one of the things. So there was a hear rate and such and they say oh don't worry but of course I worry. And on top of it I start stressing because I had to drive to my tournament game and was going to be late. So they talk to doc and he throws me on the monitor for 25-30 min. Well after like 10 or 15 he is like get her off the baby is moving tons and nothing to worry about but of course I was lol... He was on last night in labor and delivery so my nurse was like if he was concerned at all he would've sent you there for monitoring and stuff. She has been moving a ton today so reassuring me I guess.

On the good side my csection was scheduled officially for 3/29 at 7:30 am!!! 5 weeks from today!!!!

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Congrats on a date!! I can't believe it's almost time!! Silly little one giving the nurse a scare like that. Wink Glad all is well!! Biggrin

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Im glad everything is going well! So close! Hope things continue to go well Smile

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Glad everything turned out ok!! I can't believe you are just 5 weeks away! That will be here before you know it.

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I bet that was really stressful! So glad that everything is okay! Congrats on getting a due date too. That is really exciting.

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these babies need to stop scaring us!!!