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Baby clothes...

So, I got a crap ton of clothes for the baby shower. I'd love to wash all of them and put them away, but I have a few questions.

Do I still need to separate colors? I'd guess so...but it looks so much easier to just put them all in together because they are so tiny!

I want to put most of them in the dresser, however... I have clothes in there right now :rolleyes: plus the dresser is in the hallway (don't ask). If I hang some of them, I mean.. nothing will happen to them, right? It's SO COLD in my house I guess I'm worried about them shrinking or ..I dunno, something.

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I never separate colors on baby stuff. I got home from my shower and pulled off tags and threw it all in together and all was fine. As for hanging I think they would be fine

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Call us crazy, but we never separate colors ever! Only if I get a new red shirt do I wash things separately, everything gets thrown in together. Also we never wash on warm or hot...only cold. Yeah we are weird like that.

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I always wash on cold. My washer, sometimes, washes on hot by itself. :rolleyes: I don't separate things unless I get something new that's red or pink, either. However, I do wash DH's clothes separate because they're gross LOL, he works at a shipyard and if I wash ANYTHING with his work clothes, whatever is in there turns brown...haha

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I wash everything together, but since it is the first wash I would get one of those color collector sheets (Shout? | Products | Shout? Color Catcher?) just in case. I wouldn't think anything could happen due to temperature of your house, think about how cold it is in the warehouse or shipping on a truck.

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We washed all of our baby clothes, diapers and blankets together as well. We used the baby detergent especially for babies. And I don't see any thing wrong with hanging them. Smile

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I don't wash newborn stuff separate when it's new. But I'm weird and we have 3 laundry baskets. One for colors for DH and I, DS has his own colors basket and we have a whites basket that us 3 use. Lucas will get his own basket and I'm going to get another basket and do whites for both boys. Because DH uses white tshirts a lot and are dirtier than DS'. DS is such a good boy he puts his own clothes in the belong baskets when he changes clothes. Love it.. big help LOL But sometimes we do end up with some socks in his colors which is ok.

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That's funny; I think it's just habit or maybe OCD but I have to separate my clothes. Sometimes I will throw some things in as extras but generally not. DH puts his boxers in with the lights and even though I *know* it's fine it still bothers me to throw the dark blue boxers in with the white t-shirts and socks. hah!

Oh so I would agree though; most baby clothing is all pastel-ly so unless you have a really brightly colored thing, you can wash them together. And I usually would do a free and clear detergent but we don't have skin sensitivities so I don't know if I'll do it this time around. Hanging is fine!

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We washed all our baby stuff together, unless I got something that was like bright red or black-anything pastel or even other darker colors all went together. We still wash that way-DD's laundry is our "Lights/brights" pile and my and DH's tends to be the "darks" pile. We also wash everything in cold water.

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I never separate laundry unless its something new and brightly or darkly colored. I also wash everything on cold. I think hanging them will be fine too. Heat shrinks clothes, not cold. Yay for getting lots of clothes!

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We separate everything and wash in cold water. I think with babys stuff we will separate the whites and then everything else and just have two loads of laundry for baby for a while with the baby detergent. After the first couple of months we will start to integrate a few pieces of clothing for the baby in with our stuff and regular detergent to make sure there are no allergies. But we'll see as we go I guess.

Oh and i'd hang the clothes as well. Gets them out of your way in your pressed for space and have the room to do so in a closet.