Baby Emma is here! (Crazy J) with pic

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Baby Emma is here! (Crazy J) with pic

7lbs 7.7 oz born @ 8:29 pm. Via csection

From Joan:
I'm in a lot of pain but very happy.
She screams like a feral cat, lol.
She's also only happy with a nipple in her mouth. ; )

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Congrats Joan!!

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Happy Birthday baby Emma!!! Congratulations Joan!

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Aww! So sweet. WTTW little Emma! Congrats Joan she is beautiful. Hope you start to feel better soon and get some rest.

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What a beauty! Biggrin Good job, mama.. Biggrin Get some rest!!

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awwwww congrats Joan!She is beautiful! I bet you are thrilled! Smile

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what a cutie pie!!! congrats!!! a feral cat that really made me lol bwhahahahaha

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Happy Birthday Emma!!!
Congrats Joan. Hope you are able to get some rest.

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She is beautiful! Hello Emma Smile

I hope you feel better soon.

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Congrats, she is beautiful!

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Hello ladies. I'm in the hospital not sleeping, lol. The pain is finally under control. She's nursing ok, but keeps falling asleep and I'm not sure I'mggetting a wide enough latch. Still putting her on every two hours though. I was so surprised by her size! We were ll expecting a huge baby. I am so incredibly happy though. Can't wait till I mean more able to tend to her.

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Congrats Joan!

I saw her pic on facebook, she is beautiful Smile


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Congrats Joan!!! She is beautiful!

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Congrats! What a sweet little girl Smile

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Congrats Joan! Hope you recover fast! Smile

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:lurk: Congrats Joan!!!! WTTW Baby Emma!

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Congrats Joan and WTTW baby Emma!!! She's so beautiful! I just love those cheeks! Hope your feeling better quickly!