Baby moving question?

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Baby moving question?

This morning, I was sitting at my desk and it felt like something was crawling on me - right where the baby is. Just for second. I kept feeling it over and over, very light and very quick. There was nothing on me (I checked). I couldn't tell if the feeling was inside or outside...but.. was that the baby? It almost tickled it was so light.

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Yes it is very subtle and if you are busy or not paying attention you might not even notice. I notice more because I've been sitting at work more than usual and I can feel it. So excited for you!:)

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Yep, sounds like baby moving around in there to me! Smile Its soo light at first and does almost tickle a bit. Yay for you feeling baby move!!

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Awesome Jessica that you are feeling some movement. Whoohoo, just checked your ticker! Happy 20 weeks lady!

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I think that's it!!! Yay lady, I am so happy that you are really starting to feel movement. It will only get stronger and more obvious from here!