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Baby registry...

Is done! We registered at Buy Buy Baby(we have one in our Bed Bath and Beyond Store-they just expanded so half the store is baby stuff) and Target(Dh's family is out of state so we thought we'd do something at Target in case any of them want to buy something it might be a little easier for them to get to Target instead of Buy Buy Baby, even though there is one close to his family.) I'm sure we forgot to put something or another on there, or maybe didn't ask for enough of something, but it is what it is, and i'm tired of over thinking it. I think we have like 50 some items between the two and I think thats pretty good, considering if everyone is to show up at the shower there will be like 31 people there. I know not everyone will show(some family drama crap between some aunts), but also know that some people will buy more than one item especially the cheaper items that are around $10 or so and we have a bunch of those. The only two items we don't have on there are a diaper bag(DH found one he really likes and we need to order it online) and a crib/mattress, but I know for a fact my mom and dad are buying the crib and will buy the travel system too(even though we did put that on the registry but i'm pretty positive no one will buy it at $270.) So yay!!!! One less thing to worry about...I hope! LOL

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Yay, congrats on getting that done!

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Congrats! I had the same thoughts.. I highly doubt anyone is going to show up with my travel system or crib, but no one has offered to buy it for me. I think, however, that my dad or MIL will buy me something expensive off of there. I'm not too concerned, I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a crib, but I told DH that I definitely want the glider and if no one gets it for me, he's buying I also won't have everyone show up, I'm sending out 25 invitations, but probably 10-15 will show up. Not so much family drama as my friends suck LOL

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Awesome! Those can be a bit overwhelming, glad you are finished! I keep adding and subtracting from my amazon one because its too easy. I need to leave it alone.

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Yay for having that done. it can be really time consuming the first time around! I ended up creating a registry this time around just because I got a coupon for a free gift card from Babies R Us if I made a registry with them. Also, they mail out a 10% off coupon for anything on your registry after your due date, so I registered for a few things I think I will need to buy and if I don't find a better deal, I know I can get them 10% off down the road and use my gift card toward them!

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Rebecca, yes that's what I'm planning on doing - using the coupon and registering at BRU. Plus, I think my church friends are throwing a small shower for me. I've been collecting a list on Amazon and it has like 15 things on it but oh well!