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Baby Shower...

I know we've touched on the baby shower thing before, but I was just wondering... when is the right time to have one? I was going to aim for the beginning of February (I'd be 31-32 weeks then)...but I see that some people are having them much closer to 40 weeks. I just don't know if I want to wait that long. One, I'd like to get everything together and in place before baby gets here. Two, what if she comes early? And three, I don't want to be completely miserable and not be able to enjoy the shower. We don't have ANYTHING for the baby and we're going to wait until after the shower to pick up whatever we're not longer than 31/32 weeks just seems silly to me.

What's your take on it?

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I'm having my first shower when I'm 30 weeks. But that's mainly because of my MIL schedule. I think at 30 weeks you are fairly safe. It will allow you time to assemble everything and wash everything. It will also leave you time to organize and buy remaining items that you didn't get.

I will have a second shower with friends around 35-36 weeks. I'm actually trying to buy one thing for the baby every paycheck now. Makes me nervous, but I can't help it. I'm too excited.

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Really any time after 30 weeks is fine. Or whenever you feel comfortable. I have friends who do them before 30 weeks and some that wait until the week before their due date. I had my baby showers around 32 weeks simply because I dont want to be a huge balloon and miserable at my own baby shower. February sounds like a perfect time. And that gives you plenty of time to go through everything, and get it organized and still shop for whatever you didnt get.

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I think 30 weeks sounds perfect. I had mine early with my first and I loved having all that time to put everything together AND to figure out what we still needed to get and get it. I also think waiting till close to the end is crazy. I've heard of people missing theirs because they went into labor early. That's too much stress for me.

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Yes, I think anytime after 30 weeks (and closer to 30 than 40) sounds perfect to me. You definitely want time to put things together, wash everything, decide and buy everything else you need, et cetera. I think I had mine with T when I was about 32 weeks.

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Because we lived out of state from both of our families when I was pg with DS we didn't get a shower. We did have things sent to us, but no "official" shower. So this time, we are back to living in the same state as my family and we will be getting a shower. But, i'm not sure when yet. We were thinking the 3rd week of March since the last weekend is Easter, and then my mom mentioned maybe the first weekend of April just because of spring break and whatnot. I would really rather it be sometime in March than April, just because I know it won't be a big shower so I know we won't be getting everything we need and I don't want to have to do major shopping that close to the end and then stress about having everything ready-washed and put together.
So with all that said, I would think 30-35 weeks would be good. Especially if your going to be having a big shower and have a good chance of receiving most of what you need, at least the bigger more expensive items.