Baby Shower Registry

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Baby Shower Registry

Our/my baby shower is on March 2nd... Is it bad that I check every day to see if anything was bought off of our registry? I cant help it! I'm not great with being patient when it comes to gifts, I get too excited! I'm very patient with children and people... its just surprises. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve when it comes to surprises/gifts. Anyway, I just checked and one item has been bought! I was freaking out b/c no one had bought anything and we really need some stuff b/c we were waiting till our shower to buy anything to see what all we got first. I dont expect anything too big or expensive. Early in my pregnancy I cut off contact with my mom. I know this sounds bad but she has some mental issues and all in all she's just makes a lot of decisions that I decided not to have around me or my child and for my emotional well being I decided it was for the best (its been a long time coming). Its one thing for her to treat me bad and to hurt me (emotionally) constantly but now there is a baby involved. My older sister also decided it would be best to cut off contact for not only her sake but for her childrens sake. She got tired of seeing them disappointed when nanna didnt show to things like Birthday's and stuff. And Tom doesnt really have any family other then his dad who will probably just give us money or something small for the baby, his mom passed when he was a teenager of cancer. Anyway, my sister is throwing the shower and I dont expect her to spend much either but the one thing purchased is our stroller! Its not a travel system, just a stroller thats more light weight b/c we figured we'll use it more and its smaller which I liked better. Its $60 though... I did NOT expect someone to actually spend that much on us. I feel blessed that someone would do that for us! I'm just rambling at this point. So excited!

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Mine is March 2nd also! :woohoo:

Congrats on things starting to be purchased! I think as time gets closer, some people will be buying at the "last minute". And that's ok.. it's normal.. I had two things purchased off mine - and by the same person. lol.. (Plus one thing that an old college friend who lives across the state bought a month or so ago.. )

I hear ya on not wanting to buy stuff until you know what you're going to get.. but what I have found is that some people will buy stuff off the registry and it won't come off it or they will buy similar things and it won't come off the registry b/c it's not exactly what you requested.

Save the pennies, though.. what you don't get, enjoy the 20% off coupons to BRU to fill in those gaps.. buy from online sales.. etc.

Secret I, too, have a hard time staying off the registry website. :oops: I love seeing what's coming! lol..

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My baby shower is this Saturday! I keep checking my registry and nothing has been bought buttt that could be because a lot of my family is older that I am inviting and some don't have computers and don't understand registry stuff doh! the thing that sucks is we don't need ANY more clothes! I have a few family friends that had girls and they gave me sooo many clothes and i know that's what people like to buy because they are cute lol I just hope I get SOME stuff on my registry, I don't have many things and they are not that expensive, I weened out my registry for un needed items

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I have 2 registries that have mostly the same thing on them, so I was checking them both everyday and if the item was bought off one registry, I would delete it from the other, so I didnt get duplicates. I didn't get duplicates, so I guess it worked.

Sorry about your mom, I have similar issues with my mom. Maybe one of your friends bought the stroller. I think $60 is not a huge deal for a baby shower gift. People get shop crazy when babies are involved. I easily spend around $60-75 when I shop off peoples registries. I just cant help myself. People want to buy you these things, so just enjoy!!

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With this being my second we are not having a shower but with my first and my wedding I stalked like crazy. I also liked to see after who was an early bird that bought stuff and who waited til the last minute. We joked one of my best friends would be last and sure enough her gift was bought the day before my shower lol

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I had a lot of stuff brought to me on my baby shower day that I "sorta" requested, but since it wasn't the exact one on the registry, they didn't mark it. Also, alot of people didn't know how to use the registry. I did have quite a few big items bought for me that I really wasn't expecting. It was soooo nice to see that crib come in!lol