Baby shower today!

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Baby shower today!

And let me tell you, we ended up with so much more stuff than I was expecting. My truck was jammed packed after it was all in there to come home.
I can't remember how to post pictures on here and don't have the energy to do it now, so i'll give a quick(ok maybe not so quick run down on what we received. Ready?
-Clothes, clothes and more clothes. I now officially believe she has more than I do-not joking.
-Two really soft blankets.
-Two bouncey seats(one will be returned and we will use the money to buy a few things we didn't receive.)
-A clothes hamper.
-Three Johnson and Johnson gift sets(the smaller one we got a gift receipt for so we will return that) and two separate big bottles of Johnson and Johnson bath stuff.
-Some hair bows, socks, and botties.
-A box of 448 wipes.
-A box of 100 size 2 diapers and 4 packs of 36 size 2 diapers(so 244 size 2 diapers total)
-A $25 check
-$150 in Target gift cards
-A white piggy bank with purple dots(a big piggy bank).
-A box set with a piggy bank, something for the first toot, and lock of hair.
-A hooded towel.
-The crib bedding set with an extra matching sheet. And a crib mobile that matches the set.
-A bath seat
-A 6 month plus set of pacifiers.
-A 3 pack of 9oz Tommee Tippee bottles and a 2 pack of 9oz TT bottles.
-A couple blankets attached to a small stuffed animal. A Tigger stuffed animal(I think i'm keeping him because he is my
And even though I think I have forgotten some stuff, thats what we received today. I think there was a total of 17 people at the shower and two of them were kids ages 2 and 9 and one was me and one my mom. So I really feel like we ended up with so much stuff for that amount of people.
So so so so thankful for everything we received. We still need/want a few things, but I think the stuff we need/want can easily be covered by the gift cards and the bouncy seat we return as that is a $50 seat. My mom and dad will be buying the stroller/car seat one day this week and then I think we are done! I am hoping to have all the shopping done this week so we can work on getting things washed and all organized and then just have to sit back and wait.
Phew, thanks for reading if you kept going and made it this far down. I applaud you! Yahoo

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Whoohoo, sounds like a great shower. You got so many great things!

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Yeah for stuff! How fun to have all those little clothes. And that's a lot of diapers!

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Wow lots of great stuff. I know our bru takes things back for store credit with no receipt

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Wow! You got so much stuff! That's wonderful!

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Wow $150 in gift cards, that's awesome! Sounds like a great shower!

Oh and I got this: -A box set with a piggy bank, something for the first toot, and lock of hair. for my daughter and never used it. Pretty sure it's the same thing lol.

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Sounds like you had a wonderful shower! I bet the baby will love it all! congrats! Smile

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Wow, that's great!!! Your friends and family are very generous! Biggrin How fun to have all of those cute little clothes and hair bows. So sweet!

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I'm glad you got so much stuff!! It's funny how much people like to buy for new babies. It's funny that you only got size 2 diapers..? I only got size 1, but got a TON of them LOL

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Yes they were very generous with everything. My aunt even went and got us an hour and a half portrait package for when she is about two weeks. I love that gift by the way. We wanted pictures with all three kids and then pictures of them separately and these pictures will just be of her, but thats ok we can figure something else out with all three of them.
And yeah I found it amusing too that we only got size 2 diapers. Everyone probably had the idea that everyone else will buy newborn or size 1 is my guess. Thats ok because we will be using the size 2s just not for a little bit. Haha. We have a small pack of newborn size and will be buying a box of size 1 tomorrow and then we will just go from there once she is born.