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I'm partially hosting my own shower. How rude is that? Haha. It will be at my place. My friend that is hosting lives over an hour away and I think people wouldn't be willing to drive so far to her place. So she agreed to host at my place, but she also has a 7 month old and a 2 year old, so I know it will be difficult for her. So I'm totally willing to do food and stuff. I kind of like hosting things anyway. I'm not really into games, so that's one less thing to plan.

I think it could be fun, because I hope to have the nursery done by then and can show it off to my friends.
I think we share the same issues.. I'm helping with mine, too. lol.. It's at my house. There's plenty of space which hers doesn't have.. and since we'll already be home there's no lugging gifts back. She was happy with that but said I would not be allowed into my own kitchen. HA!

Haven't talked to her yet.. so we'll see how the day goes.