Back to board-hopping, hello everyone!

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Back to board-hopping, hello everyone!

I just wanted to say hi! My name is Mary and I'm in the 2ww now (just going by EWCM and O-pains, I think I'm about 3dpo). DH and I already have two little boys, Sean who just turned 3 years old one month ago, and Calvin who is 17 months old. We've always said we want 3 little ones. We were going to wait until January 1st to TTC again, but then we said we'd try sooner, like November 1st. Then that turned into, "Well, maybe we'll JLIH and see if anything happens before then." And that turned into my DH said, "Enough games, let's make a baby." Hahaha... So here I am. Our DTD timing wasn't the best (my chart is deceiving... The BD a couple days before O was before we decided to go for it, so we used pull-out method, and the BD on O-day was like around 10 hours after I had O-pains, so I'm thinking maybe that one was a bit too late). Still, there's a chance, so here I am! I had a 1st trimester m/c back in May 2010 the month before I got pregnant with my DS2, and then I bled through the whole first trimester with DS2, so I have the tendency to be a bit cautious, afraid to get too excited, etc. Either way, I'm excited to be starting this whole crazy process again and I'm excited to get to know a new group of mamas! Smile

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Hi Mary
And welcome.
I gave seen you about so nice to see a familiar face.
Sorry about your loss and good luck for this cycle.
I would say the bding 10 hours after o pain would probably be great as the egg lives up to 24 hours so it may have been perfect timing!!

Loads of baby dust!!
And I have to say your boys are sooo gorgeous!!!!

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I said hi on the TWW thread, but I wanted to say hello again and tell you that your boys are adorable!! Welcome to April! I hope you have luck this cycle!

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Mary! Great to see you around!! Our stories sound identical. We were planning to ttc down the road, then decided to JLIH and now are thinking of going at it full force. Although we only just decided so I'm around CD3 of our first cycle back. I hope you get a BFP quickly!! Smile

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Hi Mary -
Welcome! Good luck, I hope this is your month. I totally understand about feeling cautious and not wanting to get too excited (although I don't seem to be able to keep myself from getting too excited this time around!) Hope you get to stick around. Smile

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GL Mary!! Hope you get a hole in one!!!

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Hi Mary, it is nice to meet you! Good luck this month!!

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Thanks for the warm welcome! It's awesome to see some familiar faces and to see some new ones as well. Smile It still feels unreal to be in the 2ww right now, hahahah... It seems like I just gave birth to both of my DS's, hahah.