Belly belt is a life saver! (pics)
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Thread: Belly belt is a life saver! (pics)

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    Default Belly belt is a life saver! (pics)

    So ever since I was about 7 months pregnant with DD #2, who is now 5 years old, I have had serious problems with my left hip. I know this is horrible but I never had it checked out (my own stupidity because now I am suffering big time).

    Around week 8 and 9 I started having worst than I am normally do, pain in my left hip. It is so bad that it keeps me up at night, I am in pain pretty much 24/7. It SEEMS like stretching will bring me some relief but it doesn't for some reason. Its really weird.

    My Mom suggested a belly belt. She said it would hold in my hips and support my belly and back. I ordered one on amazon and it finally came in the mail today. I tried it on and WOWZERS! immediate relief! It instantly took the pain away. I think this thing is going to be my best friend through out this pregnancy. I really hope it works the whole time!! It looks REALLY SILLY lol!! but I dont care! I am posting a picture of me wearing it and also a 5 weeks belly shot just for fun

    I know it looks like I have gained about 20 pounds but I haven not put on a single pound yet!


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    A good friend of mine has some pretty bad back problems and swore by those!! Glad it helps!

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    Yay for relief!! If I had hip pain (or any pain for that matter) and something helped, I'd wear it regardless of how silly it looked. Hope it continues to give you relief!
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    Yay for relief!!!! (PS Can't see your pictures from work, but can't wait to see them from home. I bet you look cute in your belly belt. )

    I agree with Jessica, if it helps with pain relief, wear it proudly!

    ETA: You look adorable! Your bump is blooming nicely.
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    I'm glad you found something that works! Hope it keeps working throughout your pregnancy.

    Cute bump too! I'm jealous of you ladies due in early April...
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