Belly Pic with DH

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Belly Pic with DH

I was determined to get at least one photo with DH in it with my pregnant bump so this poor kid wouldn't feel completely left out when she looks at the photo albums. I had my sister do a whole photo shoot session of me and DH when I was pregnant with DD1 but this one has been sadly lacking in belly pics. Today we went to a potluck lunch and I brought the camera so we could grab someone to take a couple pics, so now at least I have something!

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looking great momma!!!

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Love these! My sister took one of me and my husband on Easter but she's bad about taking pics and then forgetting to ever send them to me. LOL You look great!

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Aww gorgeous photos!

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Beautiful family!! :love10:

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I told the same thing to my DH - Can I get at least ONE Pic with you in it while I'm pregnant?

Well, I'm two days overdue... still no pics LOL

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Beautiful.. You are lucky... DH was like no thanks when I asked him lol

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Love it! My DH is allergic to pictures!

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Great pictures!
It's me who's allergic to pictures in this family. Hahaha!

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What a beautiful family and wonderful pictures! Love your bump! Smile

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How cute, TFS!!