Belly pics, what a difference two weeks can make!

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Belly pics, what a difference two weeks can make!

The first pic was taken at 15 weeks (16 weeks if you go by the ultrasound) and the second was taken at 17 weeks (18 if you go by the ultrasound) (I just took it). I didnt take one for the 16th week b/c I forgot. I'm wearing the same exact outfit, didnt realize it till I looked at the pic but it shows the difference even more I think.

Please forgive my ratty looking hair, its clean but I've been laying around all day since getting back from my sisters earlier today. haha

Oh and holy boobies batman! My boobs have grown a lot too! Its almost time to go up another cup size! Glad the bra I bought when they started growing early on was just a cheapy target one.

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Yes you've popped for sure! How cute!

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Definitely! Cute Belly!

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You can definitely see the difference! You look terrific!

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Definitely popped! You look adorable!

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Yes, there is quite a difference! Very cute belly!

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There's a difference for sure! You've got such a cute belly! Smile